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Members Annual Subscription Rs.
Ordinary Members
Patron Member
Self Industrialist, Businessman, Partnership Organizations, Company, Society & Other Organizations 15000/-
Benefactor Member
Self Industrialist, Businessman, Partnership Farm, Company, Society & Other Organizations 10000/-
Life Member
Self Industrialist 5000/-
General Member
Industrial Organization
Under Shop & Establishment Registration Organizations 300/-
Under Factory Act Registration Organizations 500/-
To D. G. T. D. Registration Organizations 700/-
Business Organization
Personal Organizations 300/-
Partnership & Other Organizations 500/-
Companies & Co-Operative Organizations 700/-
Affiliate Member
Businessman, Commerce, Industrialist, Transport, etc. Growth & Progressive Business, Transport, Industrialist, etc's Organization 700/-
Associate Member
Common or who is not going to be Relational Member can be Co-Member 500/-

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