Certificate of Origin

whst is Certificate of Origin?

Certificate Of Origin (COO) is one useful document in Import-Export Trade. This certificate indicates that the goods, which are being exported, are actually manufactured in a specific country mentioned therein. This certificate is sent by the exporter to the importer and is useful for claming special concession, if any on the import duty charged. This certificate needs to be produced before the customs authorities for the assessment of duty and clearance of goods with concessional duty. An importer secures the benefit of Preferential tariff (if available) by producing the certificate of origin to customs authorities.

Kolhapur Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (KCCI) is one of Chambers of Commerce, who are authorised by the Government of India, for issueing the Certificate of Origin (Non Preferential) to Exporter. It has special Department for issuing the Certificate of Origin and attestation of export related documents and issuing Visa Recommendation Letters to Member of KCCI for Commercial visit purpose. Within half an hour exporter can avail the Certificate of Origin after submitting relevant documents.

In India, the Chambers of Commerce, Export Promotion Councils and various Trade Associations, which have been authorized by the Government, issue the certificate of origin. The Central Silk Board, the Coir Board, Textile committee are also authorized to issue such certificates for the products under the preview. This certificate has to be dully legalised by presenting it to the Consul of the importing country stationed in the exporting country.

Requirements for Obtaining Certificate of Origin:

  • Specimen of Permanent Indemnity Bond to be given on Rs. 100/- Stamp Paper issued by the Government of Maharashtra.
  • Should be a Member of KCCI.
  • Submit a copy of the Invoice, copy of the Packing List and letter of Credit
  • Certificate of Origin will be issued to Non-Members also by submitting Indemnity Bond

Why Indemnity Bond?

The Indemnity Bond is required for the security purpose. KCCI gives this Certificate of Origin to its members or non-members on the execution of an Indemnity Bond in favour of the Chamber.

So that the responsibility for any complications arising out of issue of Certificate of Origin by the Chamber is on the members / non-members requesting for the Certificate. The signing authority of Chamber is signing the certificate of origin on basis of the indemnity bond.

Every exporter should submit this bond to concern Chamber along with membership form. Non-member of the Chamber should only submit the indemnity bond.

Attestation and Legalization of the Documents

We also attest the Power of Attorney, Translated Documents, Free sale certificates etc. We legalise the necessary documents (Certificate of Origin, Invoice, Packing List, Power of Attorney etc.) from consulates e.g. Oman, Yemen etc.The legalization charges are 1500/-Rs. per document (Excluding Consulate legalization charges). Only members can avail these services.

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